Where Were You Ponyboy In The Outsiders

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Understand what it would be like what it would be having no parents and two siblings that are always working to keep you safe and not taken away.A boy named Ponyboy In The Outsiders and his only family members are his 2 brothers Darry and Soda since their parents died in a car accident his two brothers obtain jobs to haul care of each other. Sure Ponyboy and Darry might not always prosper,however not all people prosper and never argue. In the novel, it is forenamed by Darry to Ponyboy after the movies and falling asleep “Where were you ponyboy?’ “his voice was rising”Where in the almighty universe were you” (Hinton forty-nine). When it forenamed that Darry’s voice was rising that boycott always mingy that you are made sometimes people obtain so surprised, or worried that they might yell. When Darry asked Ponyboy where he was, even though he was yelling it,it still means that Darry cares about Ponyboy. It is mentioned in the novel “Darry would…show more content…
There are reasons that show that Ponyboy cares about Darry. In the novel it is stated “Soda , did i ask for darry while i was sick? Yeah sure, he said looking at me strangely. You asked for him and me both. Oh i thought maybe i didn’t ask for darry. It was bugging me”(Hinton one hundred fifty nine). When Ponyboy forenamed this quote he asked if he did ask for Darry because he was worried that he hurt Darry’s feelings by not asking for him. So this shows that Ponyboy indeeds care about Darry. In the Outsiders it is mentioned “Darry do you think they’ll split us up? Put me in a home or something” (Hinton hundred fifty seven). When this is asked this shows that they are refusal to the idea of being separated and put into foster homes. See even though they do not always get along they still love each other, also a foster home would not love them like how they love each other. Darry and Ponyboy both cares about each
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