Where's My Ocean Short Story

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Where’s my Ocean: Keiko’s Story Not many of us really think about how blessed we are to be free. We can go wherever we want to, when we want to, nobody can order us around, and there are laws to limit injustice. However, for many orcas and dolphins, this unfortunately isn’t the case. People treat them as ‘things,’ not living animals.
Born on September 24th, 1976, Keiko the orca led a tough life. His name did not reflect his life at all. Keiko means “lucky one” or “blessed child” in Japanese, and Keiko was anything but lucky. He was one of the many unfortunate orcas plucked from their families in the ocean and taken into captivity and the limited space of a tank. He was captured in 1979, near Reyðarfjörður, Iceland, when he was only three years old. The wide open space of the ocean and infinite exploration was replaced with constrictive white concrete walls, the fresh salt water was replaced with sanitized chlorine water, and his family was replaced with unfamiliar orcas that bullied him and couldn’t speak the language of his pod. He was first sold to the Icelandic aquarium in Hafnarfjörður, but shortly after, in 1982, he was sold to Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He was originally named Siggi, but his name would change later (Keiko). At Marineland, due to poor conditions, he developed a skin
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Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is a non-profit organization that fights against the inhumane industry of captivity. They help free or at least help dolphins, orcas, and whales in situations like Keiko’s. They know that orcas are very intelligent and do not belong in captivity. They also fight against ocean pollution, whaling, bycatch, extinction, etc. If it weren’t for WDC, the north atlantic right whale (fewer than 460 remain) would be even closer to extinction (Closer), as would the vaquita porpoise (fewer than 100 individuals remain)

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