Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Individualism?

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Since the rise of Generation Y in the 80’s and beyond, individualism has been a heavily debated philosophy. Individualism is the concept of putting oneself above the individual's community. Advancement of personal wealth, happiness or hedonism are all prominent examples of individualism. However, Individualism is an incorrigible and utterly contemptible philosophy. It is an ideology that is self serving, blinding, and ultimately unoriginal. Hedonism and the endeavor to put oneself first is self serving. By putting oneself first an individual is willing to sacrifice the people around them. The hedonist is willing to cause physical pain or even kill the persons in their vicinity. How often do hedonists give the destitute money? Never, because they believe themselves to have better use for the money. Living off the donations from concerned individuals, the displaced need money to survive. In order to buy temporary housing, food, water and more the forsaken requires money. Yet the glutton, on a personal quest to amass wealth, will not give the homeless money. In practice, the vainglorious simpleton is depriving someone of necessitate supplies, in turn killing them. Another example of the self serving nature of…show more content…
Every so called individualist has a yearning for the the lavish and high speed lifestyle of successful men and women in our society. Who doesn’t want to be like Kanye West or the Kardashian sisters? Yet, these lifestyles that dictate how individualists act are often vacuous and seldom interesting. As a celebrity who parties hard and plays hard, the celebrity is achieving absolutely nothing. Yet, one who pays an integral part of society and their community is doing something beneficial and necessary. These members of society comprehend that money is cheap lest you have someone to spend it on. Ergo, Bill Gates spends billions of dollars on donations to charities
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