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In examining the portrayal of Andrew Neiman character by Miles Teller in the film Whiplash who is an ambitious jazz student at Shaffer Conservatory that plays the drums, the audience comes to a realization that he plays the role of Andrew in a convincing manner that effectively reflects a student that want to become famous at jazz. Miles timid way of acting especially through the use of verbal actions like in the open scene of the movie “I am sorry. I am sorry” (at 2:20) (Whiplash) greatly contributes to his portrayal of a respectful jazz player who wants to make it in the music industry. Miles’ depiction of Andrew’s relationship with his instructor, Terence Fletcher through the use of emotions, imagery and motivation play a vital role in the…show more content…
Miles gets to understand that his instructor, Terence has a temper and the only way to relate to him is through portraying a timid character that obeys and respect him without questions. In this way, Miles make the audience believe that he is ready to express a timid character in order to appease Terrence’s character that demands respect and praise. For instance, Miles in his relationship with Terrence experiences a subjective relationship where he answers him in a timid manner saying “sorry I” (at 3:14) followed by him rudely replying “and your answer was to turn into a wind-up monkey” at (at 3:10) (Whiplash). The timid reaction in Miles’ voice in his apology after being insulted by Terrence show us his capability to understand how important it is to have a subjective relationship with one of the best jazz instructor even though it may mean being verbally…show more content…
He practices until his hands start to bleed. His actions show how “acting is doing honestly under fictional circumstances” (Flix, Chapter 9: Actions). This dedication to play drums in order to be given the drummer position in the band through practicing until bleeding convinces the audience that Miles portrayal of Andrew as a person who would do just anything to be successful believable. Due to the intensity of “drama being an action that is being performed”, we can deduce the reason as to why Miles devotes all manner of convincing from breaking up with his girlfriend to practicing playing the drum until bleeding (Flix, Chapter 9: Actions). In addition to this, it is obvious that viewers want a work hard succeed scenario where the main actor or actors get to go through serious hurdles to achieve success in everything they do. Hence, the physical and verbal actions are significant acting tools that Miles in playing the character of Andrew convincingly as

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