Whiplash Movie Analysis

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Whiplash is an inspiring movie, from one side, Andrew wants to fulfill a lifetime fantasy, and the desire to become the best drummer there is. On the other side, Andrew is willing to risk it all, to bear everything and anything in order to achieve that dream. To accomplish it, he applies to one of the best music schools and is admitted into it, he is now part of one of the most prestigious schools of music there is, Shaffer Conservatory of Music School. He practices every day to achieve perfection and while practicing, Andrew receives a visit from one of the “best teachers” at school, due to his conscious practice he is invited to join Mr. Fletcher’s orchestra. And it is in Mr. Fletcher’s classroom where Andrew starts his journey to a path, I think, he would not expect to follow, at least not in his dreams of becoming the best drummer player. So, is Andrew a younger version of Mr. Fletcher, so single-mindedly focused on greatness that he has no other purpose in life? I like to think that more than a version of Mr. Fletcher, he is projecting what he does not want to become, and that is, he does not want to be recognize as a failure, like his father; at least it what it seems from the scene where he and his family are sited at the table and although, Andrew just got the first chair drummer at a contest and the schools win first price, for his aunt, he…show more content…
Fletcher, the first thing that comes to my mind is to escape from the situation, stop the abuse, either psychological or physical. He needed to stand up at the situation and confront it, because he was pilling all this anger inside of him, something that blinded him when they went to the other contest and he almost got killed because he wanted no one to take his place in the orchestra. At the end, because of his disrespecting attitude, he was spell from school, and everything he had worked for was in
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