Whirlpool Electronics Case Study

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4.4.6: Changes for the betterment of Whirlpool Electronics product line Table 7 Consumer’s Opinion towards the required changes Areas of Improvement Consumer’s Opinion for Change More Attractive designs 31 Prices 10 After Sales Service 30 More Attractive Advertisements/ Frequency of Advertisements 17 Others 12 Figure 10: Areas to improve as per the consumer’s opinion Figure 10 explains what exactly the consumers want Whirlpool Electronics to improve in their product line. These changes or improvement can help in acquiring the large percentage of the market share according to the current market customers. As explained above in figure 4 respondents in majority have talked about having more attractive designs. Clearly stating a loophole that whirlpool’s products are not competitive enough as far as the element of design is concerned. 31% of the respondents have voiced their opinions to improve the design of the products that whirlpool has. Where as on the other hand aftersales service is yet another drawback that customers are suffering from in todays market scenario. 30% of the respondents have voted for the fact that Whirlpool must consider improving its after sales service in order to create any kind of brand loyal customers. During the research it was realized that Whirlpool electronics after sales service was slow and not of the desired quality to satisfy the customers. It was also learned that its competitors in the likes Samsung provide customer service within

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