Whiskey Words And A Shovel Analysis

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I have been reading the book " Whiskey words & a shovel " by R.H. Sin it is a poem book about his feelings and his thoughts about relationships and women. He is a feminist and talked about how women should be treated and how they deserve better than what they get and I love it. I respect Sins' work so much I like what he writes, how he writes it and why he writes it. It is beautiful art it if good good having a male feminist that writes about how he feels and is not afraid to say whats on his mind. In this book he mentions how men are afraid of a women's strength, the fullness of the waves in her ocean so much that they would prefer less and that is okay because women do not need to be less to be with a man they should be their best and never be thought of being less like the men that Sin is referring to think. When a woman has so , she should have someone who sees that and cherishes it.
I was so interested in Sins work because he writes
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If you give respect you will get respect. " Connect with some who is willing to spend time connecting with you.' so basically give to that to who give to you, be there for the people that are there for you. Partnership is a two way street, and no one should be getting less than what they are giving. Another thing that kept my eyes wide opened what that there was a poem that said "we've become a prison and I am planning to escape from you," and that is so deep to me because o one should feel trapped in a relationship that is not healthy for any one. but it also makes me rethink of why they have not left their partner yet. that is just so sad that the have not left an unhealthy relationship. Although it is an unhealthy relationship it is a good sign that they are planning to leave, but it might not be so easy to walk away sometimes things are more easier said that done and that is the lousy
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