Whisper Of Aids Mary Fisher Speech Summary

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Mary D. Fisher, American political activist and contracted HIV through second husband. Fisher was invited to speak about her speech “A Whisper of Aids”, on August 19, 1992 at a Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas. The speech was spoken during a time when HIV and AIDS were killing many people around the world and those people who contracted the disease were rejected by society. Fisher addressed the Republican Party to ask them to increase the awareness about AIDS in the United States. She states in her speech that anyone who is infected with the virus should not be discriminated against because they are just like everyone else who isn't infected with the virus. Mary Fisher appeals to her audience using emotion when talking about Pastor Nemoeller, authority with the arrangement of her statements and reasoning, when bring up the president's support. Also, figurative language to change the views on Americans thoughts on Aids and HIV. Mary Fisher appeals to the audience about the topic of HIV and AIDS by using emotion. She uses the words of Pastor Nemoellor, a man who came out of the Nazi death camps. “They came…show more content…
For many who had HIV or AIDs, they were rejected from society. Fisher appeals to the audience using the President Bush Sr. and his family to persuade the audience. By naming the president and his family and stating what they have done for Fisher, “In the place of judgement, they have shown affection,” Fisher shows that President and his family are not treating her any different. She shows that instead of stunning and treating a person that is HIV positive cruelly, “they have embraced me...” By using him first family in her speech, Fisher uses reasoning to drive one of her main points to the American society for the change of treatment for those with AIDS. That they should not be treated any differently than they were before it was known that they had
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