Whistleblowers Case Study

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Question 1
Discuss how a company should build internal policies to address the needs of whistleblowers.
Whistleblowers can be anyone such as employees, suppliers, contractors, clients or even cleaners who ever came across and aware of any unethical and illegal activities taking place in have been conducted in the company either through witnessed the behavior or being told by the others about it. Whistleblower is an individual who make any announcement made in good faith that to discloses or demonstrates information that may indicate unethical or improper activity has been done by company or government. Recently, there are a lot of company that really concern about the internal policy to address the need of whistleblowers which also known as
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While reporting to the authorize party, the whistleblowers shall at least stated their personal information in respective form and the necessary information of the wrongdoing to ease the investigation. Meanwhile, whistleblowers are required to provide evidence of the wrongdoings. Attachment of evidence and wrongdoing issues should be clarified and can be understand by the audiences either be typed, printed or written form in English or the regional language of the company. Whistleblowers may also be able to reach the person in charged directly where not everyone may have access to the report of other’s wrongdoing such as using email that can reach the particular audiences with consistent and controlled…show more content…
The task of the trust person should also educate the employees of the company begin with the leadership vision. Educate company values, compliance, whistleblowers policy and good ethics decision-making to employee’s direct reports to prevent wrongdoing, abolish ethics failures, and abolish the need to be punished.
On the other hand, fulfilment of this policy does not only rely on the whistleblowers. The commitment of authorize party should take proper action against the report of suspected wrongdoings with no hesitation. The whistleblowers should make clear about their report of suspected wrongdoings is within the terms of the company’s whistle-blowing policy. This can guarantee that the authorize party who received the report of suspected wrongdoings to take obligatory action to investigate wrongdoings and protect the identity of

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