White Australian Policy: Race And Stereotypes

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The White Australian Policy is introduced to prevent individuals who weren’t white from entering Australia that draws upon the concepts of race and stereotype. The Stimulus (Creative Spirits, 2017), looks at a timeline that refers to the Indigenous Australians while the White Australian Policy was active and it shows how the Indigenous Australians were receiving policies that are able to protect them. The reason why I see this relevance to myself is the irony in that, how the Australian Government is only accepting white British settlers into Australia and wouldn’t allow those who distributed the race and stereotype of non-whites. Yet while this Policy is active the government assigns “Queensland Aboriginal Protection Act in 1904, The NSW Aborigines Protect Act in 1909” as stated in (Creative Spirits, 2017). It does not make sense in the ways the Government excludes one race and ethnicity and yet employs new laws and legislation to protect another. To me, the White Australian Policy was the exclusion of Indigenous Australians and not actually the races outside of Australia.…show more content…
This change of knowledge changes how I view our Australian Government who are constantly discriminating those who are of different cultural backgrounds throughout the White Australian Policy despite the fact how the British invaded Indigenous land shows the irony of the
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