White Backlash Causes

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During the Black Civil Rights movement there were several causes that lead up to the White Backlash in the late 1950 's including brown vs board of educatisting outside the integration of 9 Negro students at the Little Rock High School and the forced integration of the High School. My three causes are the brown vs board of education, the large crowds and protesting outside Little rock High school and also the forced integration of schools. The first cause of the white backlash was the incident with Oliver Brown In Brown vs Board of Education in 1954. Oliver Brown went to court with 12 other Negro parents to fight for their children to have the same education as white children. They later won the case, but not much was done to change the education for blacks; we know this as a similar event has happened during the white backlash eg the admission of the 9…show more content…
However, many people disagreed with the integration such as the Governor of Arkansas, Orville Faubus. He announced the night before the admission of the students that the Arkansas National Guard would help maintain order and prevent the 9 Negro students from entering the high school. The Arkansas National Guard remained at Little Rock High School for 3 weeks to prevent the 9 students from entering the school. Until the NAACP helped get a court order to stop them. My last cause of the white backlash is the forced integration. Federal troops remained outside the high school for a year, until integration was firmly established. From other schools there were also further resistance and 4 schools (including a Negro school) ended up closing during the 1958-1959 school year. A new plan of integration was then drawn up and in August 1959 the schools reopened. By 1963 only 100 of Little Rock 's 7000 Negro students were attending integrated
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