White Board Reflection

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White Board I grew up around teachers and school faculty, if I’m being honest some of them were my best friends. Of course, my mom was the secretary at my elementary school, and when I moved to the fifth and sixth grade school she moved with me. Most people would dread having the most embarrassing parent move schools just to stay with them, but it was nice having my mom there. I’m not gonna lie, there were perks. It was easier for me to come after school and work on homework or practice what we were learning, but in a way it made it harder for me to adjust when I didn’t have her there. Moving to middle school is already a difficult transition, more is expected of you, hormones are all over the place, and kids start forming their own opinions. I also always had my mom there for back-up and now I was alone. Teachers didn’t know my name anymore.…show more content…
My non-sun-kissed skin was the main thing that ruined my plans to go by unnoticed. My solution was fake tan. It looked fine, I finally received compliments on my skin tone, but I didn’t feel like myself. Little did I know that most people felt the same way I did. Everyone was just trying to fit in. One of my more honest teachers realized this and confronted the class in a way that put everything into perspective. He started his “lecture” by pointing to the back of the classroom. “See that whiteboard, I think it’s perfect. It was just cleaned and now it’s all shiny.” Immediately one of the boys in the class raised his hand and objected. “No it’s not, I see a smudge right there.” The room filled with objectifications and criticisms of the board and our teachers opinion. With a chuckle he said, “exactly.” Our teacher explained to us perspective and how everyone sees things differently. I followed his words closely, listening to the new ideas, not knowing that his words would shape the way I live my
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