White Bread Rhetorical Analysis

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On a personal level, i think asking someone about how white bread makes them feel is very odd. Just as the man in the video felt when he was asked if white bread consumption brought on feelings of loneliness. Looking at it from the perspective of the company however, asking a question like this makes sense. No one wants to be the brand of bread that is associated with lonely, or furthermore a more descriptive adjective such as dissatisfied. So using a technique such as this to isolate the feeling consumers have about their product is very important. Which in suit allows them to modify their product ( in whichever way needed) to redefine it. With the overall goal of increasing sales revenue. Anthropology is defined as the study of behavior, specifically human behavior. One way i think an anthropologist could modify this exercise is to broaden it. Instead of just focusing on how…show more content…
To an extent i think that he is on something. Specifically with his example of cheese. Here in the state's cheese is mass produced product. It feels more like a basic necessity than a luxury. So that is how it needs to be marketed. However overseas they understand the true worth of cheese. He refers to it as a living thing. Therefore when they market cheese, that is how it needs to be seen. If you tried to market sargento the same way in france as you do here, they would probably burn down any business selling it, and run the company off the continent. But part of me thinks that he is full of it. I think he is taking his success in the past, and making a fortune off it. By having seminars in his upstate New York Mansion he is showing off his success. By having these focus groups perform under obscure circumstances he is showing how he is different. I believe he is taking just as much of an psychoanalytic approach with his suitors as well. I may be skewed against him on a personal level however. I find him to be self serving, and a
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