Summary Of White Collar Crime

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In the article, White Collar Crime: What It Is and Where It's Going, Cliff and Desilets (2014) discuss the concept of white collar crime and how it is evolving with the advent of technology. The article also discusses the nature of white collar crime and its impact on society as well as the direction it is taking. It also tackles the general shape of white collar crime in America in addition to the relevant data for different types of activities that meet the criteria for at least some of the prevailing white collar crime definitions, and how to interpret that data. The article concludes by examining social media and privacy as the two areas of emerging concern in the field of white collar crime.
Cliff and Desilets (2014) explain
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As such, an individual will be motivated to commit a crime because they do not have the interests of the organization at heart. The theory notes that employees who possess weak bonds to their managers and co-workers are more likely to report having engaged in a white-collar crime. However, the weakness of this theory is that the notion of interdependence relied upon in the social control theory has not been fully developed to tie the offenders to their environment.
The most useful theory in explaining white collar crime according to this analysis is the strain theory. This theory seems to accurately predict why corporations and individuals are more likely to engage in white collar crime. It is true that the need to achieve some economic goal may drive one to commit a crime, for example, embezzlement since it takes too long to achieve such goals through legitimate channels. Some offenders claim that the desire to prevent financial loss or come out of a hardship might motivate them to commit a crime.
The implications this theory has for criminal justice policies include directing the prediction of white collar offenses in select groups. It also indicates that the strain type and negative emotion at work for white collar offenders might vary from the other criminal elements, which calls for changes in policy while dealing with this group of
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