White Collar Crimes Research

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White-collar crimes target several of victims and embezzle large sum of money. The crimes vary from Ponzi Schemes to environmental. White-collar crimes are difficult to capture and do justice. Department of Justice has three main concerns regarding white-collar crimes: major types of white-collar, cost to society, and worldwide effect.
Over the years, there are accumulative amount of specific white collar crimes that had been increasingly reported to this day. Studies show major types of crimes are consumer crimes, intellectual property, business and financial, and computer crimes. Consumer crimes could be false advertisement, commercial misrepresentation, price manipulation, and unethical behavior. For example, scam artist setup charitable
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Experts attempt to understand the cost to society regarding white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes affect society in many of ways. The crime is not as violent as other crime. However, it has a critical financial impact. Law enforcement listed white-collar crime as closed case because “the complexity of white collar crime and the difficulty of making and proving a case.” (Kennedy, 2015) This may take more than a few months or years to identify the crime and do justice. Polices have a difficult time finding a leading clue to the perpetrator based on complaints. A few factors of white-collar crime goes unpunished are lack of awareness and education. The lack of awareness and education prevented the public from learning victim 's stories of being tricked by con artist (Martinez, 2014). For example, perpetrator committed this crime from a position of trust such service fraud and bank fraud. The perpetrator gain trust from the victim first in order to swindle the victim. Media does play an important role to inform viewers. If the media help notify about these crime, this would help the public recognize white-collar crime in their…show more content…
Additionally, there are various forms of white-collar crimes, which is hard to measure the total cost. Thus, researchers need to make a database to examine the total cost. Some crimes have enough information to analyze the trend. Other crimes do not have enough. White-collar does not have a fixed definition creating a confusion of what types of crime fall into white-collar. Professor Edwin Sutherlands defines white-collar as “crimes committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of description.” (Rosoff, Pontell, & Tillman, 2010). On the contrary, this does not include white-collar criminals who do not work in a particular industry, but commit the similar crime for personal financial gain, secure an advantage. Some people believed white-collar only target victims with large income. A small number of people think white-collar victims deserved to be victimized. Conversely, white-collar criminal actually aim for people who are easily to be deceived regardless of
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