White Duel Runner Research Paper

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The white duel runner hit the curve on the rock causing it to fly into the air. “So as I told you before you 're never defeat the king.” Behind the white duel runner is a man on a motor bike style, it black with a red flame. “Well Jack I’ve got a plan and it starts with your downfall. My turn,” the man on the black duel runner is in his mid thirties. He’s got black hair, brown eyes his eyes are blemished, he wearing a leather jacket, brown shirt and black leather jeans. He drew a card from his duel disk on his duel runner. James 0600 (SP 11) Jack 3000 (SP 4) “Jack because of you I lost my job and I know why you did it, but you 're not going to stop me.” Jack Atlas is seventeen with dirty blonde hair, black eyes. He 's wearing a white coat and shirt and white pants and boots. “Look…show more content…
“This is the key to stop what coming, you should know this Jack.” These words, James said this ran through Jack head, “This is the key.. How is this thing a key?” Jack picked up the round object and stashed it into his pocket, “Darkness? What darkness and how is this a key? Why is on here that would allow him to find him if I’m correct. Could Leo by Bernice Sayler biological child.” Sutādoragon Mansion (Star dragon mansion) “Ah Jack my boy how did the duel go?” A man white haired man in his fifties asked Jack, “Fine, but what do you know about Benice Sayler?” Godwin looked at Jack, “What do you mean?” Jack clenched his fist, “What do you know about Benice Sayler twin children?” Godwin sighed and slid his hand down causing a hologram image to appear, “Not much is know but she’s rich and had given birth to twins when a dragon appeared. Of course this is a myth the dragon, but the one twin stolen did happen and the child is dead.” Godwin sighed, “but that 's not important, what is is James is in jail and whatever information he thought he had is

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