White Fang Comparison

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SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BUCK AND WHITE FANG “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself”- Josh Billings. The Call of the Wild and White Fang are very similar stories but also very different in many ways. In the beginning of these stories, Buck and White Fang are different yet the same in a few ways. First, both dogs are large in size and smart. For example, Buck gets his large size from his dad, and White Fang gets his large size from his father as well and each dog inherits their “brains” from their mothers. Since, both dogs get their size and smarts from their parents, this is a similarity. Second, the dog's birth stories are much different. For instance, White Fang is born in the cold north…show more content…
First, both dogs are rescued. For instance, Buck is saved by John Thornton from being beaten to death by Hal, Buck now loves him deeply. White Fang is rescued by Jack Conroy while he is being killed by another dog in a dog fight. Since both dogs were rescued, this is a way at the end of the book that is similar between the two. Second, both Buck and White Fang get new masters again, (but they are good ones). For example, White Fang is tamed by his new master, Jack Conroy and will be forever loved. Buck is saved by John Thornton who cares for him. Since, both dogs get new, good, loving, masters, that is another way Buck and White Fang are similar. Last, the dog's whereabouts are different when their good masters are being attacked.For example, Buck was out in the wilderness (away from camp) answering the “call of the wild” when John Thornton and his partners were attacked and killed by the Yeehats. White Fang was in the cabin with Jack Conroy when Beauty Smith (White Fang’s old mean master) and his henchmen attack Jack, luckily, White Fang saves Jack’s life unlike Buck did for John. Since, the dogs whereabouts were different when their masters were attacked, that is another reason why The Call of the Wild and White Fang are
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