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In White Fang, White Fang lives a complicated life. He was born as a wild wolf, but lives like a domesticated dog. White Fang goes from living in the Yukon Territory with a bunch of Indians to living in California with his trusted master Weedon Scott. Being alone with his mother made life more difficult, while being with the humans made is life a little bit easier. When in the wild he had to get his own food and survive with little to no help. When living with the humans he had a safe place every night and had food when he needed it. I think that is would be fitting if he lived his life either as a pet or a wild animal. White Fang was born part wolf and part dog. Before he was born, his mother, father, and some other wolves were trying to kill a dog sled team and two men. All that was left was one of the men who was saved before they could kill him. After the wolves lose their last prey they fall into a famine. They then find and kill a moose. After that they kill the moose they split up. Kiche, White Fang’s mother, and One Eye, his father, end up being the only ones left. They together have a litter of five puppies, only one, White Fang, survives. Kiche and…show more content…
He being part wolf is hated by the pups at the Indian camp. One of the pups, Lip-lip, decides that White Fang doesn’t belong and wants him dead. As White Fang grows he becomes stronger, smarter, and a deadly fighter. White Fang runs away after his mother is sold and saves Gray Beaver’s son from bullies, which earns him Gray Beavers respect. After a famine strikes, White Fang runs away to find his mother and encounters Lip-lip, who he kills. After a while, White Fang is sold to Beauty Smith, a dog-fighter, who uses him to make some money by having him fight. Weedon Scott eventually saves him, buys him, and takes him back to California with him. After learning the “laws of the land,” White Fang adjusts to life as a regular
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