White Feminism Advantages And Disadvantages

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The center of the second wave was the education and employment of white women. Few women of color were advocating for women’s right or being educated. White feminism is the term used for feminist that are commutable, middle to high class white women that fails to see the discrimination and oppression of women of color and the unprivileged. According to Hwett, during the 1970s, the activates of African American, Asian American, Native Americans, and the working-class feminist were often treated “as isolated or parallel to rather than in conversation with predominately white or “mainstream” feminism (666). In other words, despite the efforts around the world, the focus of media, government, and the society was white feminism. In 1978, according…show more content…
It varies from “domestic violence, workplace discrimination, and human rights violations” on women issues (Jaggar 301). The idea of human rights is often used to challenge the issues of “sexual slavery, forced domestic labor, and the systematic withholding education, food, and health” from women around the world (Jaggar 302). Otherwise stated, women’s human rights are often neglected or denied and the feminism movement acknowledges the oppression and advocates for women’s “men” rights. However, women in different societies faces different systematic disadvantages where some of abuse are considered “normal” or “natural” in their society. Often the voices from third world countries are taken seriously only if they reflect the norms of the Western world because of dominant cultural values that are overtaken in media and around the world. There are many types of feminist around the world depending on the situations between the first class and third class feminism. In the beginning of feminism, the barrier was created intentionally due to racism of early time but later as the American become a melting pot, the division stayed but it became overlooked. Many people are still ignorant because they haven’t gone through the same struggles or doesn’t realize that Asian, Hispanic, black, and lesbian feminist are still facing discrimination. If the issue of discrimination is brought into the light and people are educated on the issue, then white feminist can take time to realize how others are suffering daily because of the color of their skin and they can attempt to at least support their fellow
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