White Influence In Pop Culture

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In American society where “white” influence is ubiquitous, it is challenging for the diverse cultures around the United States to stay true to their backgrounds, especially when technology makes young adults conform through pop culture. Many television shows, movies, books and music all aim to influence and become relatable to their audiences which are primarily aimed toward teenagers. This steals from the audiences’ cultural background and it hampers many non-whites to make decisions revolving around the people they want to become but this becomes a false hope since this media is predominantly aimed toward a white audience. Throughout the years, the advancement in technology has made it easier for media to influence and take over peoples’…show more content…
The predominance of white culture in pop culture is really disappointing and a little disrespectful toward non-whites since many minorities have had to endure social oppression throughout the history of the United States. In pop culture, many of the TV shows or movies have casts in which there is only 1 social background that they are focused in and there is rarely a mix in culture which might not seem significant but it subtly segregates these races into interacting with each other. Additionally, this might be a factor due to the fact that pop culture has never really seen a mix in cultures and therefore, suddenly switching to being diverse could lead to a less successful project which does not seem appealing to a producer of the media. Letting this happen is not a good idea and might ultimately become a problem in truly having a united nation that includes and embraces the diversity that is present in the country. Doing this disservice of non-white cultures ultimately becomes a problem as there are no real views of the world truly in pop culture. This exclusivity really becomes a problem in our society because white people are still seen as superior and this takes our country a step back in becoming an equal and diverse country. Even though this might not seem like a big deal, the…show more content…
Many white Americans, on the other hand, have had limitless opportunities and it is kind of difficult for me to grasp the concept that they might have been offered more opportunities solely for the color of their skin. This might not have to be the true reality but the constant generalization of certain races in pop culture, as well as the stereotyping of the ability of these races, can become a determining factor in which many people are influenced by. In the movie “End of Watch,” many of the dangerous-classified neighborhood were primarily filled with either African Americans or Hispanic people (Wikepedia). This is not true for everyone but under-represented people are always seen and classified as less. This is not okay because out of the whole population there is only a small percentage of it in which people are really a threat to society. In our society, I sometimes walk in fear of other people criticizing me or judging the real way that I am and this is due to the pop culture phenomena that fetters people to live their lives without generalization and set presumptions about them. Another big piece of pop culture is the news and politics. 2016 is a presidential election year which calls for the presidential candidates to share and express their

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