White Lies In The Crucible

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When is it ever okay to lie? Under what circumstances is it okay to lie? In some situations, I think it is okay to say “white lies”, but before lying to someone/something he/she needs to ask himself if it is worth the lie. C.E. Ayers, once said the famous quote “ A little inaccuracy saves a world of explanation.” In my opinion, the meaning behind his reasoning is that lying is a part of our everyday life. We are subjected to theses “white lies” in the books we read, commercials and television shows we watch, movies and sometimes even the news.
In The Crucible, Abigail knew she was going to be punished for what she was doing in the forest so she lied to her uncle Parris about what really took place. Abigail would lie and say her and the other girls were doing witchcraft in the woods and that one lie soon puts the people of Salem lives at stake because her and the others takes things too far. In this scenario, there is no room for lies
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Or, you could consider not telling your mom what you learned today because it saves you a long walk through of each class and more math problem questions. There’s also the lie that we all hear as a child that the tooth fairy is real and she will bring us money, if we put our tooth under the pillow. These are the type of lies that C.E. Ayers are talking about when I think of his quote.
In a nutshell, lying is something people do to get out of facing the truth and it’s an automatic go to place when you are in a hole. Lying can be someone’s safe haven but also their downfall. Within different circumstances, I see no harm in telling lies that benefit you in a way, but if someone is causing harm to another, I do not support lying at any instinct. If a person chooses to lie that is up to them but there is always another lie to cover up the one they just
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