White Man Vs Chicago Essay

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“Colored” and “White” displayed all over the town, low wages, horrible treatment, and the constant belittlement of African-Americans were reoccurring issues colored people went through in the South. In the South people always had to stay light on their feet, and could never really just think for himself or just plainly be themself. In the South people were in constant worry about how they had to talk to whites, how they acted around whites, and worried about even coming into contact with someone who’s white. In contrast , in Chicago no one was worried about anyone or any type of business, but their own. In Chicago, everyone was at least cordial to one another, and treated them as primarily equal. When Richard moved into town with his Aunt…show more content…
In similarity when Richard gets his first job and realizes he needs to get a couple of days off, he’s worried for the white man’s reaction especially if he asked for it to be paid non work day. Due to him being frightened he decides to just not say anything, and is surprised for the better when he returns to work. When Richard returns to work, and lies to cover his tracks about what he was truly doing the Jewish “manager”(Mr.’offman) calls him out. However Mr. Offman is encouraging Richard to tell the truth, because he knows he’s lying, and isn’t beating him! “‘ Ve know. You come from ze Zouth. You feel you can’t tell us ze truth. But ve don’t bother you. Ve don’t like people in ze Zouth. Ve treat you nice, don’t ve”(268). Mr. Offman reassures that he’s going to treat him nicely and actually does, in contrast to the South, where Richard would’ve gotten beaten for speaking to the man, lying to the man, and continously lying. In Chicago white people treat colors like people, and vice versa, not any lesser. We’re lastly able to establish that white people treat colors like people when one of Richard’s fellow co-workers willingly comes in contact with Richard. “But I was aware that she was a white
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