Revenant Film Analysis Essay

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Final Paper: The Revenant analysis

There are many movies show Native American and White American are in opposite side. White American often becomes the hero or protagonist in the film. It also happens in the Revenant film, a film which the main character is played by Leonardo diCaprio, a white man. Native American also is often demonized in the films and without exception, this film also demonizes Native American. However, it does not only show the bad side of Native American, but also show the good side if Native American. The Revenant itself even shows how white men can be the bad one. This paper will try to analyze the question ‘how is the different perspective of Native American ethnic group and white men shown in the Revenant film?’.
We know that there are many films shows about white men domination over other races. This paper
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According to Tan et al, “contact hypothesis, first proposed by Allport, states that close contact between members of different races fosters positive racial attitudes”. Tan et al also explains the vice versa telling if the contact between members of different races is not close, it will lead to negative prejudice. This lack of contact is the one that makes those negative stereotypes exist. This theory also will be used to analyze how the different perspective emerges because of that contact.
The Revenant was first released on 25 December 2015, in USA with runtime 156 minutes. This film becomes one of great film because on IMDb, it gets rating 8.1 from 10. This film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu tells about the journey of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who searches John Fitzgerald to take revenge on him after he killed Glass’ son, Hawk and abandoned him. Fitzgerald even wants to kill Glass, so he can catch up with other frontiersmen and get some money after taking care of Glass, though he abandons him after
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