White Oak Bark Research Paper

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In the search for natural cures for different kind of illnesses you may have across to oak tree, but still most of us hardly ever heard of it. Herbal medicine recognizes this remedy and claims that it can help with many, many diseases. Herbal medicine also argues that the bark of the white oak (its latin name is Quercus alba which means "good tree") has been in some countries used for centuries and that its possibilities didn't reach its full potential yet.
The white oak tree grows in some parts of North Amerca, and it is a tree that is well known for its enormous size (grows tall and spread widely) and longevity (they are some specimens that have lived for almost half of the century). This fact speaks for itself when we discuss qualities that this rather light grayish than white tree have. Something that can survive through harsh weather conditions and that can be the tallest tree in the forest is clear evidence of white oak tree power.
But what is so powerful in this tree? In this oak bark - it has many medicinal benefits.
Vitamin B12, iron, tannin and potassium are among high nutrients that can be found in the white oak bark. It can be used to treat a great list of illnesses like diarrhea, cold or flu. It can help heal the wounds
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Meaning - it can stimulate bladder to work more efficiently by extracting urine more often and larger amounts of urine you produce. It is a great substitute for all those who have problems with bladder and don't want to use any chemical ingredients. Diuretics like white oak bark are perfectly useful and natural alternative. White oak bark working as a diuretic can improve the health of your bladder, urinary tract by eliminating infections and can even help with kidney stones that are caused by the build-up of uric acid in the

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