White Privilege In America

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An area of contention in America with regards to racial relationships is the idea of white privilege. The notion that certain people within a society have unwritten societal benefits due to the color of their skin seems unbelievable to some. I want to figure out exactly what white privilege is and if this privilege is universally applicable to all whites in America. I want to know why so many White Americans deny this idea. Can it be explained, or reasoned in a way that makes sense to even the most ardent critics? For this project, I 'd like to find examples in every day American life that shows white privilege exists beyond a theory. The best way to start this research is with the author Tim Wise. In his books Colorblind, The Rise of Post Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equality, Between Barrack and a Hard Place, and White Like Me: Reflections from a Privileged Son, Wise offers his analysis of white privilege and the politics of racism in America; with chapters entitled "White Denial and the Reality of Racism,” Wise offers an academic perspective that will assist me addressing the issue of white privilege in America. While Wise is an unpopular figure in many circles, he…show more content…
I would also enjoy asking people around campus (in my fraternity, in my family, classes etc.) their opinion on white privilege, and exactly what it means to them. I may or may not use their responses in my project, but I feel it would at least help gauge how different groups of people view their place into our society. Ultimately my main goal is to create a practical case for white privilege that can be understood by anyone who is willing to listen. I would like to see people be open minded to the idea, but I also believe the argument should be presented with some delicacy. Crafting a case that 's not attacking white people but simply explaining why being white has its societal benefits will be the most effective approach to
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