White Privilege Summary

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Is white Privilege real? I chose this article because when I got back from my mission I came home to a lot of politics. It has really interested me because when I left, politics were still an issue, but not to a large effect. When I got home it seemed like all hell broke loose and that’s all anyone was talking or posting about. So, I did some unbiased research myself not really listening to ones side or the other until I have read both stance points. I wanted to see what I believed more. After I read, I became hooked on a lot of controversial things. This article is Ben Shapiro speaking on the subject of: white privilege and how it doesn’t exist. Ben Shapiro is the number one conservative talk show host in the nation. He graduated from Harvard…show more content…
He talks about how a coach was let go because he was benefitting from white privilege. Ben Shapiro asks many times throughout the article, what is white privilege? How do we get advantages for being white? He talks about how white privilege and racism are more about culture. He adds that White privilege does not exist—it used to but now-a-days it’s irrelevant. I agree with Ben Shapiro, that people see race in their own way. But, what the people believe is “white privilege” is simply not true, it’s just a misconception with lies they have been told. In the past, white privilege was a thing; the United States was historically racist and some people are still suffering from historical discrimination. But, now it’s just not real. The old discrimination does not give an excuse for the difference right now. Things are never equal. Some people are born rich some people are born poor. Nothing is ever fair. We can’t fix where you started in life. But the notion of white privilege suggests that you can never over come where you started in life because white privilege won’t let…show more content…
The poverty rate in the black community with 2 parents is 7 percent. The poverty rate for white single parent families is 22 percent. Where is the white privilege? If there is white privilege, why isn’t the white single mom making more than the two parent black families? In another speech he gave he quoted the Brookings institute, “There are three life rules that were in a study that you need to do to not be permantly poor in the United States. Regardless of race color and gender. The 1st is graduate high school. 2. Get a job 3. Get married before you have babies. The single motherhood rate in 1960 for blacks was 20% but now its 70% and the reason there is a disproportionate amount of poor black people. Not because of pay inequality but because the majority of them are sadly born out of wedlock.” Conclusion: white privilege was a thing in the past, but now it is not. In reality it seems like you get more set back from being white in certain situations. White Privilege and racism is not about what race you are but more about the culture you live in. People see privilege in their own way. People are born in a various cultures and to different poverty or wealth levels. You cannot change where and who you are born too. You however can change what you do with your life no matter the circumstances you were born

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