White Ribbon Research Paper

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A lobby group is a group of persons working on behalf of or strongly supporting a particular cause, such as an industry or an item of legislation. This is also called an interest group as it draws people together because of a shared interest.
White ribbon is a lobby group and a male led movement that is trying to stop violence against women. Formed in 1991, after a male student massacred 14 of his fellow female students on 6 December 1989, they now hold a white ribbon day every year between the 25 of November and the 6 of December. They now have international efforts in 57 different countries all over the world.
White ribbon, although not trying to change laws, is trying to stop violence against women through their primary prevention techniques.
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Included with this, there main values are: Courage: in facing challenges and finding creative and innovative solutions. Integrity: ethical, honest and accountable to all. Respect: compassionate, honouring and acknowledging difference and upholding dignity. Collaboration: working collaboratively to drive positive social change and Leadership: leaders in driving lasting, positive, normative change.
White ribbon use a wide range of methods to advertise their cause, each year they run several national campaigns, this means that u don’t have to wait until white ribbon day at the end of the year to get involved, you can start earlier in the year, in events such as white ribbons night and day. Campaigns such as White Ribbon Night and White Ribbon Day provide a channel for conversations and actions to stand up and speak out against men’s violence against women. They allow individuals and organisations to get involved in ways that suit them and their
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If the y spent more time on TV they could get out to a wider audience and create even more widespread knowledge and alert a bigger community of the effects of domestic violence. I believe that they should also spend more time advertising for advocates and advertise for more people to hold events and fundraise for this great cause, along this this they could partner with the department of education to create learning resource that would be taught to all students from all teachers on white ribbon
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