White Sox Club Research Paper

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“These White Sox boys were an especially volatile, spirited bunch, a club loaded with bitterness and tension.” (Asinof 6)
I wonder if this played a part in the scandal. If people knew that they were a rowdy group that, could have been easily mistaken for a bunch of guys just playing ball so they could party and make money. The bitterness in the club was because of the low pay they were all receiving. Therefore the preconceived notion about the players on the White Sox club could have gotten some of the club members wrongly convicted of betting on the World Series they were playing in.

“Immediately Burns asked: was it true? Was there a plan to fix the Series? Cicotte laughed and replied there was always that kind of talk floating around.” (Asinof 23)
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Here Cicotte, a pitcher for the White Sox, is talking to William Burns, a pitcher from the rival team that wanted to get in on the money action. I think that if the White Sox players that were in on the fix just kept it to themselves and didn’t go around asking for help they could have gotten away with it.…show more content…
Pass figured a Chicago victory was worth a $3,000 investment.” (Asinof 41)

What the White Sox did to their fans was something that will haunt fans forever. Back in the early 1900s (1910-1930) when baseball was starting to produce stars and attract fans it was a huge part of American life. Baseball was one of the only things in an Americans life that was consistent. This White Sox team caused a level of financial trouble for fans that it would be hard to forgive them for purposely losing even though they knew that the city of Chicago was counting on
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