White Zombie Film Analysis

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INTRODUCTION White Zombie is an American horror film directed by Victor Halperin which produces the different style of horror genre as first zombie film. According to the IMDb.com White Zombie was released on 4th August 1932. Comparing with other horror success films such as Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (931), White Zombie is intention to a different kind of film as zombie horror genre. Many criticize on the acting and dialogues in film but the lighting and high contract black in white color effectively support to the overall film narration. The mise-en-sense and the sound in the opening attracted the audiences’ attention. The analysis will base on the intern of mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound and will presents how these things effective to the overall film narration. NARRATIVE…show more content…
Mise-en-scene has often used for to achieve realism and audiences have been attracted to fantasy. The setting, décor, props, costume and make-up provide contribution to the overall story narration. Most effective contribution of depth and shadow and lighting are provided. Settings in the White Zombie mainly use in studio and the decoration can shape to the narrative expectation of film. The setting in the film supports to the characterisation and decoration effect to the horror narration. The setting of opening presents effective narration to the overall story that attracted to the audiences’ attention. The setting and decoration of sugar mill, cemetery and voodoo master’ castle are main things in the film and support to story narration. Voodoo master wares the same dress in the hold film and it is like adapting from Dracula but this props support to the horror narration. Madeline wares the wedding dress while she lives in voodoo master castle that attracted sympathy as virgin
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