Whiteness In Education

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How does the discourse of whiteness impact upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ educational outcomes?
Due to the white hegemony in modern society even as it continues to change, one thing that remains constant is the representation of ‘normal’ is being white. It is this hidden discourse of whiteness in society which remains invisible, yet, represents unearned power through sustained dominance and unware beneficiary of privilege. The universalisation and normalisation of whiteness as the representation of humanity is enshrined and conveyed in our curricula, television, films, museums, songs, novels, visual arts and other material culture (Moreton-Robinson, 2004). This blindness to whiteness subjects our Aboriginal and Torres Strait
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I believe by using this approach you are able to understand a children’s as an active learner in a holistic way, you allow for children to demonstrate their learning in different ways which best the learning styles of that individual child. Education is there to help better our future generations we should be willing to do what is necessary to cater for the needs of the diversity in the learners we teach, there can’t be a standardized testing for children from diverse backgrounds, each child has something new to teach us. We just need to take the time to listen and learn from them, this were valuing Indigenous communities and understanding their culture helps in understanding your students as a cultural…show more content…
I wonder as I write and think of ideas of ways to engage Indigenous students and communities back into education system how has none of this been implemented in our curriculum. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples embody the world’s oldest living cultures, so the corollary is that they must be the world’s oldest intellectual tradition. Yet that tradition remains essentially mute and invisible in the curriculum, the impact of this omission runs deeper than an academic oversight (Rose, 2012). The overshadowing of whiteness and its dictatorship over the Australian education system, this want for all students Indigenous and non-Indigenous to learn the western way of life, for it is seen as the ‘successful way of living’, western economic
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