Whites And Indians Summary

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Whites and Indians

(An Analysis of the way the Indians lived to the way the Whites live)

Benedict is considered by most to have been the first Indian historian which would make her the first white historian as well. She wrote many books in her time and History contains The Pueblos of New Mexico.Ruth spent a lot of time telling where a lot of the indians were located, what they did with their lives, what their rituals were and a lot of other things as well. She wrote The Pueblos of New Mexico that talks mostly of the few months that the indians perform different ceremonies, and Benedict focuses mainly on the lifestyle of the Pueblos.

Benedict talks a lot about the animals that the Indians see as sacred and those that are not sacred. From paragraph 21 of The Pueblos of New Mexico, “Some experiences had power and some had not, and they distinguished by the flash of significance that singled out those that were valuable.” This is the first mention of
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There are three different ways for them to embalm their dead. They have different things that women have to do when they are married and have children and they pretty much just have a lot of different things for every situation. From paragraph 24 of The Pueblos of New Mexico, “The Dionysian bent in the North American vision quest, however, did not usually have to make compromise with prestige groups and their privileges. The experience was often sought openly by means of drugs and alcohol.” It is not uncommon for people to drink but the Indians do a lot of it to induce vision quests. My great great grandma did this all the time and told her kids about it and it eventually got back to me. The white people drink, just not really to have visions. This is one of the many examples of the times where the Indians are talked about with not having anything in common with the
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