Whitney Houston Childhood

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Whitney Houston: A Star From the Beginning
Part One: Childhood
Whitney Houston has been an inspiration to women for almost her entire singing career. She started young, and kept her voice in the hearts of millions until her terrible death. Although people may feel that they’ve unsolved all the mystery that is Whitney Houston’s life, do we know the backstory and inspiration of the singer we all adored so much? Whitney’s childhood and the way she was raised strongly contributed to the strong and powerful voice she is recognized for, all the way down to her birth story, how she was taught and discovered as a child, and the help she received from her family and her faith in God. After Cissy and John Russell Houston had two children, both boys,
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She has a very musical family, giving her an advantage when it comes to the “talent” gene and having personal mentors to help guide her through a future journey of fame. According to an article from “TheFamousPeople.com”, being exposed to a family with such a musical background caused to Whitney became inspired at an early age to try things like playing the piano and singing. Growing up with this gift, Whitney’s mother was very hard on her to protect her from the cruelty of the world around her. “I didn’t want my sweet baby to ever know hardship, if I could help it, because hardship was something I had learned plenty about in my own childhood”, says Cissy Houston in her book “Remembering Whitney”. Whitney’s mother was protective over her, hoping to prevent any of the difficulties she had faced as a child. According to “TheFamousPeople.com”, Cissy Houston was a very big help in boosting Whitney’s career. She improved the amazing voice we all love today, just by simply giving Whitney vocal lessons and making her sing in the church choir that Cissy directed. Cissy wasn’t unfamiliar with the music/entertainment industry, winning Grammys for her Gospel music and singing backup for musicians like Aretha Franklin. Whitney had an experienced teacher and mentor to prepare (and protect) her from the things she didn’t yet know or understand about what her voice would lead her to in the future. She had her mother to guide her,

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