Whitney M. Young Essay

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My historical figure paper is on Whitney M. Young Jr. Whitney M. Young Jr. was born July 31 1921. Young was raised in rural Lincoln Ridge. Whitney Sr. and Laura Ray Young are Whitney M. Young Jr parents. Young grew up on the campus of Lincoln Institute. Lincoln Institute is a vocational high school for black students. Young father taught and later served as president at Lincoln Institute. Young attended Lincoln Institution from 1933 to 1937. Young was relatively isolated from external racism. He was surrounded by black people who held positions of authority and were treated with respect. After graduating from Lincoln Institute, Young enrolled at Kentucky State Industrial College in Frankfort in September of 1937. He graduated in June of 1941.…show more content…
Young kept close ties to the National Urban League. The National Urban League became more concerned with social services than social change. Despite being alliance with influential white corporate and political figures. Young became executive director of the National Urban League. Young became president of the National Conference on Social Welfare in 1965. He also became of president of NASW in 1969. Young traveled to Lagos, Nigeria in 1971 to participate in a dialogue with African Americans. While swimming, Young died from either drowning or a brain hemorrhage. In 1993, Young was elected a NASW Social Work Pioneer. Young was a civil rights leader. He worked to eliminate discrimination against blacks and poor people. He served on numerous national boards and committees and received many honorary degrees and awards. His most notable accomplishment is receiving the Medal of Freedom in 1969 presented by President Lyndon B. Johnson. He received the Medal of Freedom for his outstanding civil rights accomplishments. President Lyndon B. Johnson helped Young create the Domestic Marshall Plan which funnel funds of 145 million dollars over 10 years. The Domestic Marshall Plan helped education, housing, training programs, and health services. Young taught at many Universities. He also hold many degrees. Young is a prominent figure in the social work profession. He fought for equal rights for African Americans with
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