Who Am Who I Am

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Introduction I am who I am I grow up believing that I must have been adopted as I felt like the black sheep in this family I just didn’t belong, I found it very hard to cope with their ways, even though I may have looked so much like my Mother and I definitely had my Father’s sick sense of humour As my life has gone by I now realised that there way of life is quite normal for lots of people, it just wasn’t the life for me I have never thought I was better than them or anyone else for that matter I just longed to live a completely different way to them maybe it was a dream but it was one I was longing to have You will note that I address my parents as Mother and Father throughout this book this is because my Daddy/Dad left when I was only 6 years and 9 months old, and my Mummy/Mum told us as we got older we were not allowed to call her MUM as it sounded too much like BUM, This is my life story it includes the good times along with some bad times, everything that I can remember, right up unto this day without all this happening in my life I wouldn’t be who or where I am today I have decided to write this as you never know as I’m getting older I may not be able to remember it all, this is my way of having all my memories about me and my life at hand, I have noticed that as I have been writing this book I am beginning to forget thing already so I have

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