Who Are The Players In Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers?

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, a novel describing the stories of numerous successes, a major theme is shown throughout the book that people don’t rise to the top without some kind of advantage. Why are most hockey players born in the months january, february and march? Is it because they are born with an ability for winter sports because they were born in the winter, or because it's just a coincidence. Well In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers it brings up an interesting reason as to why most of the players in the NHL born in the months January, February, and March. The cut off date for the NHL and for the junior division is January 1st, which means that all the kids born before January 1st and were good enough went to the the older training group while the kids who were born after were sent to the younger training group, so those boys born after January 1st who…show more content…
In his University they had opened a computer center in 1971 the year that Bill Joy attended The University Of Michigan, and unlike most of the computers at the time the computer that was in the university could operate hundreds of appointments at a time so you didn't have to wait on line to get to get to the computer and with a neat trick of putting in time equals k it wouldn't charge you and you could stay there for ever. So yes Bill Joy was a genius but he did have a pretty good set of advantages that helped him get 10000 hours of practice, which is the estimate time of practice for mastery. just like the hockey players Bill joy got a number of advantages especially like the hockey players he was able to get in the 10,000 hours he needed.even though these people were talented they still needed those advantages to help them reach the
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