Who Are Women Mistreated In Figner's Life?

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Women were extremely mistreated in the late nineteenth-century, no matter what amount of money they had. The women that’s family had more money would be treated minimally better but the mistreatment still ranged from schooling, jobs, and how they should live their lives. Women to this day still have problems in society whether it be working the same job as men but getting paid less or playing the stay at home mom but society is still not happy with that. We have come a long way in one hundred years but universally there are a few more kinks before women will be equal to men. Vera Figner’s story I found to be an interesting one. She always wanted to go to school but could not attend University where she was from. Her father had a lot of money which meant he would be able to send her off to a school that accepted women. She traveled to Zurich until the Russian government said women were no longer allowed to attend school in Zurich. (Pg. 24). The women she was with including herself had already began their education and were quite bummed when they found out they could not finish it there since it would be hard to find somewhere else to go. (pg. 24). These women that were attending school there wanted to be able to work in this…show more content…
The education system and personal lives of these women were completely different compared to now. Women wouldn’t be able to attend school unless they traveled to a different country, sometimes they still couldn’t even get to go to school in other countries. Men were able to go to school and expected to have a bright future while supporting their families, the women were overlooked and just seen as care givers of the house. Women are on the road to equality now and I hope we eventually will get there with all of the hard work women have been putting into this movement in order to help future generations as well as

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