Who Are You Doing Here? By Mark Edmundson Analysis

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In “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?”, Mark Edmundson suggests that the typical college experience may not be providing the best education for the student. However, Edmundson reasons, that if the student is willing to take a stand against the flow of college students, professors, and administrative staff that treat their college class time as a side job the student will be able to receive a true education worth the thousands and thousands of dollars they paid. The graduates will have a knowledge of what skills they possess and be confident in the type of career they want to have which will lead to better mental and physical life down the road.
The first obstacle that stops college students from obtaining a true education at college is all of their classmates, instructors, and even the admission staff who are perpetually stuck in
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This not only put regrets into the student’s head, but it also distracts the students from the teacher’s lecture. The teacher, although the can see and hear the students that are misbehaving, will most likely not mention anything to the students. Following the teacher’s lead most student slack off and decide to take advantage of the lenient professor and begin to cheat on test, pay no attention during the lecture, and turn in work late. The author explains that the professors are simply too afraid of the students causing problems for the professor with the higher ups therefore the professors choose to devote their talents into other areas like research. Finally the student will find no help from the admission staff, Edmundson reports that the admission staff is mostly focuses on the reputation of the university which is a picture of the alumni of the university as a result the staff also has a fear of
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