Who Caused Romeo And Juliet's Death

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Who Caused Romeo & Juliet’s Deaths? Romeo and Juliet is an iconic tragedy by William Shakespeare that has been reinterpreted, made into movies, and even tweeted out live over its 420-year history. Its influence extends operas, ballets, and even paintings. The play covers two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who are from enemy families. With the help of Friar Laurence and Juliet’s wet nurse, they are secretly married. Tragedy strikes when Romeo is exiled for killing Juliet’s cousin and Juliet is forced to marry someone else. Juliet fakes her death with the help of Friar Laurence, but Romeo thinks Juliet is truly dead and kills himself in grief. Juliet, seeing her lover dead upon waking up, also kills herself. If it weren’t for Friar Laurence’s irresponsible…show more content…
Upon hearing that she will be married to County Paris in the morning, Juliet begs her father to cancel the marriage, but he refuses, threatening to disown her. Juliet rushes to Friar Laurence’s cell under the pretense of repenting for her disobedience. She begs Friar Laurence for a solution saying that she “long(s) to die/If what thou speak’st speak not of remedy,” to which Friar Laurence replies, “Hold daughter, I do spy a kind of hope/… take thou this vial” (4.1.67-68, 69, 95). He gives Juliet a potion that will make her appear dead for forty-two hours. He instructs Juliet to drink the potion and Romeo will be with her after she awakes. However, Friar Laurence was far too impulsive, giving in to Juliet’s begging and giving her a possibly dangerous drug, which even Juliet herself doubted, thinking that maybe the Friar had “subtly hath ministered to have me dead” (4.3.26). to cover up his involvement in the marriage. There are far better ways to avoid marrying Paris and reuniting with Juliet. Also the Friar promised Juliet he would send a letter to Romeo telling him that he helped her fake her death, which he obviously failed to do. This is similar to giving kids drugs to help them avoid their problems instead of facing and solving said…show more content…
Romeo arrives at the tomb and kills himself, only for Juliet to wake up minutes later. Friar Laurence and Balthasar rush in to whisk the lovers to a safer location. Juliet refuses to leave with them, and Friar Laurence and Balthasar are forced to leave after they hear shouting nearby. Distraught, Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s dagger. Romeo says, “Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight” (5.1.37). However, none of this is Romeo’s fault because Friar Laurence failed take responsibility and send the letter to Romeo himself or at the very least send Balthasar. As a result, Romeo was acting based on what he thought the situation was. Romeo believes the only way he can reunite with Juliet is in heaven. There are always two sides to a situation, and one should wait before acting. In this case, Friar Laurence’s irresponsibility and impulsiveness failed the
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