Who Created The Monster In Frankenstein

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Did Victor Frankenstien actually created the monster? In the novel Frankenstein,written by Mary Shelley,she depicts a wretch created by an aspiring scientist named Victor Frankenstein,who quickly abandons the creation and it gets rejected by everybody so he is forced to seek refuge.Shortly after he finds a shelter ,the creature comes across the De Lacey family and rapidly creates a false interpersonal relationship with the family.Later being the reason the De Laceys flee in fear and horror after spotting the wretch he realizes he is abandoned again,and it is all his fault .At this point,Shelley starts to scratch the surface of the long term effects caused by early-life abandonment .After a person gets ripped out of a false reality where…show more content…
After being so rejected and feared by society it results in the creature having to hide out from everybody.In the mean time he experiences severe long-term isolation,which keeps the constant thought of lonliness and in the case of the creation a longing for any kind of physical interaction,lack of this can cause false reasoning when a chance to interact comes about.Those who are abandoned seek the relationship to fill the void in thier lives in attemptt to feel once again. The false reasoning ultimately makes the neighboring De Lacey family the flawed fixation of his attention.This obession created a blinding feel of hope after describing the emotions the Delaceys gave him as “A lovely sight,even to me poor wretch who had never beheld aught beautiful before’.(Shelley 52) Never recieving any love or uplifting attention
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