Who Do You Love Analysis

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The article "Who do you love..." By professor Melanie Abrams really captivated my attention. The story as a whole had a great theme and was a pleasure to read. It uses many literary elements such as foreshadowing and irony. The story starts off with a women, Kathlynn Cheyanne, having a conversation with her great granddaughter, shay. Kathlynn begans to tell Shay a story that happened long ago about her grandmother, Cherokee. Cherokee was a beautiful woman, with dark full hair and big bold eyes. She caught the attention of many of the men in her town, but especially she caught the attention of Mr. Allman. He began to ride by Cherokees house when her husband, Shiloh, and their kids were not home. When Mr. Allman would stop by "he 'd say how-do, mention the weather,…show more content…
Cherokee was in the kitchen, cooking dinner, when Mr. Allman entered her house and barricaded the front door. Before she knew it there he was standing in front of her in the kitchen. Cherokee, being the "quiet and sneaky and deadly" (page 57) person she is, smiled and offered him a cup of coffee. He stops blocking her and sits down at the kitchen table. Cherokee leaves the kitchen and puts on a fancier apron and a scarf. She returns and pours him a full cup of coffee. After she pours him a cup of coffee "Mr. Allman feels he hard, cold muscle of a gun in his ear. Cherokee says 'Your choice. Drink the coffee or take a bullet. '" Mr. Allman tries to get up but she fires a warning shot and pushes him back down in his seat. He started to drink the coffee, but suddenly begins to throw up and then feel weak. Even though Cherokee tells him to stay in his seat, he tried to make a run for the front door, forcing Cherokee to pull the pistol out on him and tie him to the chair but his legs and torso. When Shiloh and the kids come home, Dinner is ready and Mr. Allman is sitting at the head of the table. They all have dinner together, even though Mr. Allman is too scared to
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