Who Dropped The Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

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Even though it was very inhumane to cause a fellow breed of the human race such a severe amount of suffering, we fairly warned Japan that disaster would come if they didn’t surrender. Furthermore, we had still been pondering among our hostility from Pearl Harbor, in which we never retaliated to. Most importantly, to prevent the loss of American lives, we had to strike at once. Therefore, President Truman’s decision to drop both bombs on Japan was extremely necessary to ensure the safety of American citizens. On account of us presenting Japan with a fair warning that calamity was coming, it was an entirely fair match. The United States offered that if Japan were to surrender, it would be kept safe, and “refusal would result in total destruction”, as Japan was well enough aware on how to prevent and protect its citizens from disaster. However, “The Japanese military command rejected the request of surrender” in which presented the United States a signal to attack. In an odd way, “Truman believed that the bombs saved Japanese lives as well”, as it was a new start for the country ranging from plants to…show more content…
As a result of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor, and the United States suffering the lives of nearly 1200 crewmen, afterward not responding to the attack immediately, we were bound to return soon enough recharged and ready for war. Merely 4 years later, the summer of 1945 as the conjuring of the bomb began, The United States finalized their combative weapon to defeat Japan entirely. This weapon became the most powerful yet, an atomic bomb that no country has ever anticipated. The atomic bombs “Little boy, and Fat man” destroyed, “wreckage of the city, in gutters, along the river banks, tangling tiles and tin roofing, charred trees”, without any doubt, “instantly, 70,000 Japanese citizens were
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