Who Follow The Majority In The Crucible

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The crucible If your best friend jumped off a cliff would you do it too? That the problem with society because if someone does something that is “Cool” they do it too. That is kind of what Abigail does in the crucible. Abigail falls into peer pressure and does stuff that she shouldn’t do. Who followed the majority in the crucible? In the play “The Crucible” Abigail follows the majority and gets her self into trouble. Abigail is the biggest reason all the girls meet in the woods to dance naked. Once they got caught dancing in the woods by parris she starts act differently she starts to lie and lie about stuff because it will reveal that she had and affair with john proctor. Abigail also takes the focus of her charges of witchcraft off by accusing a bunch of other people of witchcraft.…show more content…
One thing that I have seen is of people that will smoke or drink alcohol just because their friends do it or because they think it’s cool because they see a bunch of other people doing it. If you drink underage it can lead to bad things like getting in trouble with your parents if you get caught or could get caught by the cops which would be even worse. Another thing that I have heard of is people offering other to do drugs. Drugs are bad because they can lead to brain damage and can also get you in trouble with the law because they are also all very illegal. Another example is that say your friends would go cliff jumping or something and you don’t feel comfortable doing it because you’re not experienced and its 100 feet up in the air. You don’t have to do it because what if you would slip when you jump or something. BOOM your dead. Basically what this essay has been about his how Abigail Williams follows the majority and is the troublemaker in the town that they live in. Abigail falls into peer pressure to easily. Also i gave you some real life Situations in which could happen or have happened to you
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