How My Mom Impacted My Life Essay

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There have been many people in my life who have impacted it both negatively and positively, but no one has had an impact in my life greater than my mom. This woman is just amazing in my eyes, right from the beginning because of the way she raised me, if I had children I would raise them the same way she raised me. The person she is, in general, has really had a great effect in my life, and also how she has always told me about the struggles shes had in her life from the ones I didn't see to the ones I have seen with my own eyes. I believe if I didn't know my mother as well as I do, she wouldn't have influenced me as much as she does. The way my mom raised me has made me the person I am today, so if I were to say she didn't impact my life I would be lying. The work values she instilled in me made me the hard worker I am, from my first job ever to all the hard work I am putting into my education now. I thank her so much for this because if I didn't have that in me I don't know where I would be today. She also raised me with a strong faith in…show more content…
This has helped her overcome so much heartbreak, from losing my dad, my sister, and my brother to her own health issues and through it all her faith has never been shaken. I look at my mother with nothing less than amazement. After my dad had his heart attack and could no longer work my mom never failed to provide for all her children, we didn't have a lot but we always had enough. This made me such a humble and grateful person, and I never take anything I have for granted. Another great thing I admire about my mom, that I myself hope to have one day is her unconditional love for everyone, I see this and I just think wow. It's because of that unconditional love that I have compassion not just for people I know but also for people I see that need
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