Who Holds The Clicker Analysis

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For centuries, our world has developed from agricultural age into a technological era. Nowadays, we are surrounded by all kinds of electrical equipment to serve our work and life with much higher efficiency. There are tons of innovations and new technologies that have been developed recently: Internet, robots, social apps and new treating methods. Those technologies are developing really fast at a speed we could never image before. However, as time goes by, it also brings people concerns, is those technologies going to bring any threat to our daily life? In Lauren Slater’s essay, “ Who Holds the Clicker?”, the author introduced a new method, DBS--Deep Brain stimulation Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)--which is a faster way to treat the patient 's’…show more content…
Authenticity, defined as intimacy and also have the feeling of empathy for another. DBS still is less of a threat than the cyber because the great use of cyber lets people be isolated from the society, have further distance from their friends and also let people lose their personal identity which are a greater threat to our human authenticity.
People feel happiness and have closer relationship with their family after curing by DBS while the use of Internet let people have further distance from each other. In Lauren Slater’s Essay, she introduced Mario, a person who has mental disease, OCD, and is desperate to be cured. Since Mario has OCD, he cannot see dirty things and even have his own kids. He used different kinds of ways in order to treat this disease while nothing worked. So he tries the new method--DBS. Once the doctors detect any emotional change in his head, they could control his mind and let him become normal immediately. He will not be out of control anymore because the doctor holds the clicker. After a certain time of experiment, his good mood continued and he is becoming better. “ He
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So far, DBS is the quickest way to solve people’s mental disease because this training method is basically controlled by the doctors. Doctors are actually the person who control Mario’s emotion than himself and his life tied up on them. “Sometimes they travel to conference together on the same plane. I tell them not to do it. It makes me very nervous. Who would adjust me if the plane went down? No one in this country knows how to do it. It’s like the president and the vice president traveling together” (Slater, 241) To Mario, these doctors’ travel gives him fear and let him become nervous. Even though his emotional life is largely depend on the doctors, he is still the person who has his own free will which makes him become unique and help him to make the decision. Since he was desperate by suffering from OCD so he wants to be treated. He wants to become not only as a normal person but also a father. Mario has the strong desire to become a father and he is tired of the long and useless method that he has been tried before.So, he let the doctors implant the electrode into his head instead of others. In order to be cured, Mario, in his free will, shares control of himself with the doctors and then he takes the risk to do the implant surgery. While for the seductive Internet, it provides an
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