Who Is Abigail's Deception In The Crucible

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Nasir Jones English 11 The Crucible During the year of 1962 in Massachusetts were the Salem witch trials which was series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. The deception of the witch trials play and extravagant role in “The Crucible” By Arthur Miller. In this small but craze town there is a group of girls that are dancing in the woods supposedly working for the devil & in the town dancing portrays a sign of evil. This accusation caused an untrustworthy energy in the city among one another Abigail Williams who was one of the girls dancing in the forest. All but one character whose name is john proctor did not fall for the foolery in the town dealing with witchcraft. All throughout the play John Proctor was a versatile character. From the beginning of the play was portrayed tormented for the affair he had with Abigail Williams which he believes his affair with Abigail damaged him in the eyes of god and everyone else in the town. For seven months john was cheating on his wife after while he felt the remorse and came to realize that the affair caused the accusations. Abigail being the leader of the group girls…show more content…
Elizabeth optically discerns his inner goodness shine when he relucts to prevaricate, and she realizes how inequitable she has been. Proctor preserves the lives of the others who are inculpated when he unselfishly declines to preserve his own. He acts as a martyr when he places others afore himself. He would rather die an honorable death than live a dishonorable life. In conclusion John Proctor endeavors to visually perceive the good in adultery to endeavor fortify his espousement & he takes full responsibility of his sins and does not opt to encumber his sin on his wife and his unborn child. John is an example of how one can visually perceive the good in
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