Who Is Achilles A Hero

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“Somebody help, this beast is going to eat me!” These were the words last uttered by Jon before the biggest monster ever seen in Greece ate him. Unfortunately, seeing flesh eating beasts was a very common site this time of the year in Athens. The citizens of the city were getting fed up with always having to worry about monsters eating them alive. One day, the king of Athens decided that he wanted to put an end to this problem. He wanted to find one strong, amazing hero that would fix their problems. He decided he would do this by setting up a contest to find the best hero. Many strong men showed up to try to be the best hero. One man showed up that surprised everybody. His name was Achilles. This man could lift boulders, kill monsters like…show more content…
A giant troll would not let the king get into where he kept his money. Since the king was rich, he was very scared that if Achilles didn’t show up quick enough the troll would steal his money and run away. When Achilles arrived, he took his sword and cut the troll 's head off. The king thanked him and ran off. Many days of theses simple monster attacks occurred. Achilles was getting bored of all of this basic and easy stuff. This is when he made the dumbest decision of his life. He was going to try to hurt a Greek god! Without any form of warning he magically teleported himself to Mount Olympus. Here, he decided which god he would target first. He knew that Zeus was the king of the gods and that hurting him would make all the gods mad. Achilles decided he was going to hurt Zeus. The gods, who were very tall, were having a casual meeting. Nobody suspected anything was going to go wrong. But they always knew that they had to keep one eye open, for Hades was always mad at the gods. Achilles was hiding behind Zeus’s chair with his sword in his hand. Achilles hit the sword into Zeus’s leg causing Zeus to scream. Achilles ran out of there as fast as he could. He was never
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