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There are three main components of greatness. Being humble, having integrity, and caring for others. There are many figures throughout history that have displayed these such as George Washington, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi. Alexander the great was not great because although he conquered a lot of land he was very greedy and conceited. Alexander could not recognize when others attempted to help him. One time Alexander was standing on the deck of a boat when a big gust of wind came and blew his hat into the water. A sailor jump in, retrieved it, and returned it to him. Next the document states, “Just then Alexander remembered a prophecy he had been told, and his expression became very serious. The prophecy said that ‘anyone else who wears the king’s crown is a threat.’ And so he ordered the sailor’s head to be cut off at once.” By saying “anyone else who wears the king’s crown is a threat,” the document reveals that Alexander doesn 't care that the sailor was trying to help. If anyone is a threat to him, Alexander is willing to kill them so they don 't take his spot as King. This shows that Alexander is greedy because he wants to be powerful and have control over everyone. Also, Alexander did not value…show more content…
In addition, Alexander thought he was the best and did not like when he was considered equal. According to The Letter from Alexander to Darius the document states, “‘In the future,’ Alexander wrote,‘any letter you write to me should be addressed to The King of All Asia. Do not write me as an equal!’” By saying “Do not write me as an equal” the document explains that Alexander thinks he is the better and more powerful than everyone else, even another, former king. This shows Alexander is conceited because in Alexander 's mind everything is all about him. Also he wouldn 't even let Darius’s family free because he didn 't write to Alexander as “The King of All Asia. Alexander thinks he is the best because he defeated the Persian Empire and had one of the biggest

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