Who Is Alicia Kelly's Casualties During World War One

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Due to the industrial revolution production of weaponry lead to the making of machine guns and artillery, this brought new and more devastating injuries. Casualties during World War One were immeasurable, a grand new idea was to bring the causality clearing stations closer to the frontline. Study today say that this was an excellent idea as getting to trauma quickly gave an advantage in saving ones life. Alicia Mary Kelly a war nurse in France. Stationed at No. 3 Australian Casualty Clearing Station at Brandhoek. During the War Casualty clearing stations was most vulnerable to attack. This particular Casualty Clearing Station in which nurse kelly served was 7kms from the frontline, german artillery could hurl shells up to twice that distance.…show more content…
As shelling became closer, medical staff were given ordered to take shelter in the dug-outs as it was to dangerous for them to be in there. A primary source showing how valiant Alicia Kelly was is written by Padre Evelyn Mancha he wrote that “we had literally to drag her to a place of safety”. Alicia Kelly refused to abandon her patients, she ran back to help comfort patients. She did this by handing out basins for protection. Although she knew the basins were no good for protection from the shelling she felt her actions would be good for keeping spirits high. This primary source taken from a quote once said by Padre Mancha explains how Australian nurses even in dangerous situation stayed loyal to there patients. This here stats the Australian contributions ranged from not just the battlefield but also in the hospital. Nurse Kelly continued to nurture patient,a german shell dropped close to the building knocking Kelly to the ground but not killing her. A great secondary source analysing Nurse Kelly is show in a channel 7 series “Australia the story of us”, this paints a visual understanding of experience of Nurse Kelly. Nurse Alicia Kelly was awarded the Military Medal for her actions during her time spent on the western

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