Who Is Andrew Jackson A Good President

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Throughout the generation of Andrew Jackson, he maintains an interesting variation between living the life as a highly proficient or an inadequate president of the United States. A From a variety of points of views, the era of Andrew Jackson analyzes how his choices were only made for ideal intentions. Within eight years, Andrew Jackson left behind a lasting imprint among presidency and to the American politics. He then merged the unclear union of followers who had elected him into the country 's electoral machine that would serve as a model for others. At the same time, his actions in office shocked opponents to organize the Whig party. However, the Democratic party was Jackson 's, as the national two-party system was his legacy. Jackson 's urge for a party organization was inspired by his own difficulties with Congress. Unlike other…show more content…
Jackson was both a fiery patriot and a strident partisan. Regarding the national union as indivisible and perpetual, he denounced nullification and secession while reproving policies like the tariff which fostered sectional divisiveness. His aggressive Indian removal policy and his espousal of cheaper western land prices reflected his nationalism 's grounding in the southwestern frontier. Jackson 's powerful personality played an instrumental role in his presidency. He indulged in violent hatreds, and the extent to which his political positions reflected mere personal animus is still debated. Jackson demonized many of those who crossed him, including John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Bank of the United States president Nicholas Biddle, and Cherokee Indian chief John Ross. Jackson 's own character polarized contemporaries and continues to divide historians. Some praise his strength and audacity; others see him as vengeful and self-obsessed. To admirers he stands as a shining symbol of American accomplishment, the ultimate individualist and democrat. To detractors he appears an incipient tyrant, the closest we have yet come to an
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