Who Is Andrew Jackson A Hero

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Jackson was one of the first presidents of the new nation in the early 1800s. He served eight years in chair from 1829-1837. Before his term as presidency he was known as a "war hero". He gained many supporters from common people by discriminating against the rich. During his presidency Jackson encouraged Americans to create a smaller government with more involvement from citizens. Jackson believed that a smaller government would do more good than a large one. At this time the second National Bank was being constructed, but Jackson put an vetoed the charter which stopped the bank. The national banks took power away from the smaller communities to help the wealthy. Also there was Henry Clay who came up with the American System to try better…show more content…
Andrew Jackson supported the Indian Removal Act which allows Americans to gain the territory belonging to the Native Americans. The eastern natives were forced to move west of the Mississippi River. This became known as the Trial of Tears where thousands of people died along the way. The white inhabitants were happy about his because gold was found on the native lands. Another thing Jackson promoted while he was in office was the expansion of democracy. As stated before Jackson was an influential man who came from the common people. He advocated for all working Americans to be able to vote. Once the voter quota expanded, he encouraged many people to vote for him. Matter of fact, Jackson was the first president to hold strong campaigns in order to gain support. Before this moment, it was considered rude for the candidates to tell people to vote for them. Jackson changed that with his loud gatherings encouraging more votes to go to him. Good or bad Andrew Jackson brought a lot of changes into our nation to help make it what it is today. He finished his eight years of term in office in 1837 and died in 1845. Many professors thank him for his
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